Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Uniquely Renaissance : Handmade Garb for all your RennFest Fantasies!

I adore the Renaissance Festival and here in Maryland, tis the season! I've been wanting to dress in full costume for some time, I can just never make a decision on what character I want to be! I scoured the web to find some awesome handmade versions of many different RennFest characters... I still can't decide. :)

Starting with one of my faves: The Fairy, or Faerie, if you prefer:
A fairy picnic.
The fairy is hard to find as a full costume, fairies are very unique and individual characters. I think it's all about the wings really. Find a good set of wings and build your fairy persona around them. Here are a few of my fave wings. --I don't think I would make a good fairy though, I'm just not adorable enough, lol.

*And if you love all things fairy, follow Twig the Fairy, she's a full time fairy that travels the country and has quite the loyal following. She's kinda the epitome of Fairy.
Gorgeous iridescent fairy wings by Crone Designs on Etsy.

Sculpted Leather Faerie Wings by Bead Mask on Etsy.

Beautiful fairy wings by Forest of Avalon on Etsy.

The popular Elf: Elves also come in all sorts, but this Lord of the Rings style costume by HH Fashions is gorgeous.
Beautiful Elf Costume by HHFashions on Etsy.

Another favorite, the Gypsy or Bellydancer: I love the swirling skirts and the romantic, nomadic life of the gypsy. This costume is by Crimson Gypsy.
Gypsy Bellydance costume by Crimson Gypsy

The very popular Pirate: Pirates are everywhere at Rennfest and their costumes are always amazing. The details are awesome on this authentic style pirate costume by Brielle's Costumes.
Women's Pirate Garb by Brielle's Costumes.

Of course, the Steampunk: You definitely see more Steampunk at festivals recently, which is awesome. I love the imagination they put into all their props. Here's a great base Steampunk costume by Venefica Corsetry to start layering on top of.
Layered Steampunk Dress Costume by Venefica Corsetry on Etsy.

Don't forget the Royalty: Royalty is rare at festivals, maybe nobody wants to compete with the "Queen and King"! :) This Renaissance Queen costume by Matti Online is gorgeous.
Renaissance Royalty costume by Matti Online on Etsy.

The classic Wench: This is the most common character you see at any given renaissance fair, in many different varieties and states of undress! ;) I think this one is fairly versatile while still encompassing the wench characteristics. Wench costume by Zachulas Crypt on Etsy.
Wench costume by Zachulascrypt on Etsy.

The Maiden: I love the simplicity of the plain linen dress. This one is by ArmStreet.
Linen Renaissance Dress by Arm Street.

Men's costumes: It's a bit more difficult to find men's costumes. I did see a few good ones, but this seller has tons of gorgeous ones, here's a sample. Cavalier costume by Arm Street
Men's Renaissance costume by Arm Street.

Children's costumes: OMG, how adorable are kids when they're dressed in Renaissance garb?! Here are a couple that are just too cute!
Stunning Little Boy's Robin Hood Renaissance Costume by Vintage Duck on Etsy.

Adorable Little Girl's Renaissance costume by Matti Online.

Well, that's it for now!

Be sure to check out my post over on about my recent visit to the MD Renaissance Festival. We go every year, this year I thought I'd write about some of the best parts. :)

~Keep Creating! Deb.

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  1. You have awesome taste! All of these pics are absolutely gorgeous, thanks sooo much for sharing!:)