Friday, September 12, 2014

Unique Cuteness - Fairy Sculptures by Celia Harris of Nimbin, Australia

Woodland Fairy by Celia Harris
So I have a huge affinity for all things weirdly cute. I like cute, anything miniature or to do with animals or kids is awesome, but things that are on the verge of being bizarre, just off-center, and considered weird by some are what really gets me going. :)

These fairies by Celia Harris of Scarlets Bones on Etsy absolutely fit the bill. I adore them, I pretty much need one of them really... just deciding which one is the challenge.

Take a look at a few of my favorites here and visit her shop to see which you like best.
Scarlets Bones on Etsy

Australian Bush Fairy by Celia Harris

Bird Egg Nest Watcher Fairy by Celia Harris

...I think the Australian Bush Fairy just might be the one I have to have! ;)

--Keep Creating, Deb.

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  1. Beautiful and whimsical fairies! love the sweetness of the faces expression!