About Handmade Unique

I'm a blogger, handmade enthusiast, artist, jewelry designer, and wanna-be world traveler (14 countries and counting!). I love being able to mesh my passions whenever possible.

I have two blogs: This one, Handmade Unique, which features handmade items made by artisans from around the world. My other blog is Craving-Culture.com, which is a travel/lifestyle blog focused on spreading the word about the pure awesomeness of world culture. 

I also create art, cycling through obsessions every 3 - 5 years. I currently make a line of jewelry that is inspired by the shapes, textures, and cultures of the world. (which you can see at debsoromenhojewelry.com). 

My one true passion, though, what I wish I could do full-time, is travel. I adore visiting new places and studying the textures of life; the crumbling stone walls and cobblestone streets, slick high-rises, jagged mountaintops, and the colors of nature. I am also fascinated by the emotion of the places I visit. I'm moved by the rush of city marketplaces, the ache of ancient villages and the power of meeting new people.

My mission is to someday create a platform to allow teens and young people to travel to different cultures and appreciate how awesome our world is.

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