Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Unique Idea! Soap Bar in a Tube by SudsNSuch

This is such a great idea from SudsNSuch! Handmade soap in a tube; so it's portable and sanitary!!

Great to throw in your purse to always have access to and perfect for Back to School.

Take a look at SudsNSuch's shop to see all the choices of essential oils you can choose from and to see all the other great soaps available!


  1. That really is a great idea. I'm such a shower gel junkie anymore, and it seems like soap just sort of dissolves in an icky goop. I'm going to check these out.

  2. I love this idea for your purse, or for travelling-such an obvious thing-a simple idea-and pure genius!
    \Gonna go check out the ingredients-thanks for posting this!